Finding the Best Driving School

Finding the Best Driving School

If you are considering taking a driving course or getting a driving license, you should consider enrolling in a driving school. Driving schools provide drivers with the necessary education to become safe, responsible drivers. These courses are also known as pre-licensing classes, driver’s education, or driver’s ed. Costs for a driving school may vary depending on its location and the course offered. To find the best school for your needs, here are some tips to consider.

Driver’s education

Known by many names, driver’s education is a program or formal class that prepares new drivers to operate a motor vehicle. Driving lessons are another form of driver’s education. Both are important in a variety of situations, but a driver’s education class is especially beneficial for young people. In addition to learning to drive safely, drivers education can also help you avoid any 방문운전연수 accidents that might occur. In many cases, driver’s education will save you time and money on auto insurance.

Pre-Licensing course

To take a Pre-Licensing course at a driving school, you will need a learner’s permit. However, it is advisable to have some driving experience under your belt before you start the course. The state allows two months of these classes, and it is usually better to have some driving experience under your belt before enrolling in a pre-licensing class. To complete the course, you must submit a roster and fee to the local testing unit. For your convenience, you can find your nearest DMV office.

Instructor certification

In order to earn instructor certification for driving schools, you need to pass an extensive examination and have a clean criminal record. You must also have no convictions of DWI or other alcohol or drug offenses within the last five years. The test covers the necessary theory and driving skills. The DMV requires a criminal history check on applicants. You will also be required to take special tests, such as a law-knowledge test, to prove your eligibility.


The costs of driving lessons vary by state. In Arizona, for example, a one-hour driving lesson costs $149. In San Jose, CA, the advantage driving school charges $330 for six hours of driving lessons. Dawn’s Auto School in Far Rockaway, NY, and Revolution Driving School in Hoboken, NJ, charge about $45. Most schools take only one to three students per instructor, and students rotate on driving routes. Most lessons involve classroom time and driving in a newly remodeled school car.

Expungement of a DUI through driver’s education

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, you may want to consider expunging your record through driver’s education. This process can help you avoid mentioning your DUI during job applications. It can also help you avoid hiring discrimination. In most cases, the DUI conviction can be expunged, but the DUI conviction will still remain on your criminal record. Moreover, the DUI conviction can still be seen by certain agencies.