Gum Reshaping in Boynton Beach 33426

Gum reshaping is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that reduces the appearance of gum tissue. It also benefits oral health by preventing bacteria from getting trapped on teeth.


The dentist numbs the gums with an anesthetic, and then removes or sculpts the excess gum tissue to create an even line. The procedure usually takes one or two hours, and patients may feel sore afterward. They can take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease discomfort.

It’s a Permanent Solution

People who suffer from a gummy smile or uneven gum line have to deal with a variety of cosmetic and health-related issues. Some of these include a lack of self-esteem, which can lead to depression. However, a simple procedure called gum reshaping can solve these problems and give patients the confidence they need to live happier lives.

Gum reshaping involves removing excess gum tissue to improve the appearance of the smile. This process is usually performed by a dentist or periodontist. It may involve a scalpel or a laser, depending on the patient’s situation and needs. The procedure is a quick and relatively painless experience, which can be done in-office.

Some discomfort and swelling are to be expected after the surgery. However, this can be managed with over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen. During the recovery process, patients are advised to rest as much as possible and avoid eating hot or acidic foods. They can also use ice packs to reduce swelling and sensitivity. It’s essential to follow the post-procedure instructions provided by the dentist to ensure proper healing.

If you’re interested in a quick and easy way to transform your smile, contact Briglia Dental Group today to learn more about gum reshaping. Our team is here to answer your questions and address any concerns you have about the treatment.

It’s Affordable

Gum reshaping is an excellent cosmetic solution to issues such as thick gum tissue that causes the teeth to appear shorter and smaller, and it can also be used to address gummy smiles. The best part is, unlike some cosmetic dental procedures that require a lengthy recovery period and can be quite costly, gum contouring is relatively painless and has almost instantaneous results.

During the procedure, the patient is completely numb, and the dentist will either use a scalpel or a laser to trim the excess gum tissue. The laser method is faster and more precise, and it seals off the wound during the surgery so there is minimal bleeding and no need for stitches. Once the gum tissue is trimmed, it will be reshaped to fit the shape of the teeth and create an even frame around the smile.

After the surgery, patients may experience some soreness or swelling in the area, but this can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs. Some patients might need to modify their diet for a few days while the tissue heals, but this is typically no big deal and will be well worth it in the end for a healthier, more attractive smile.

If you’re interested in a more confident, beautiful smile, contact Mark Arooni DDS to learn more about gum reshaping. This cosmetic dental procedure can even your gum line, which will instantly brighten up your smile and give you the confidence to show it off.

It’s Fast

Gum contouring, which is also known as gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty, involves changing the shape of the gum line to improve the overall look of your smile. Most of the time, it is done for cosmetic reasons, but your dentist in Boynton Beach 33426 may recommend it as part of your treatment for periodontal disease.

This procedure is a relatively simple surgical process that typically lasts for about 1 to 2 hours. Using a laser, the dentist can cut away excess gum tissue and reshape it to create a beautiful symmetrical smile. The process is very quick, painless, and requires little to no anesthesia.

The healing process is fairly rapid and easy, but patients should be careful to avoid any activities that could irritate the sensitive gum tissue until it has fully healed. For example, patients should avoid using a straw to drink liquids, as the suction could cause pain or bleeding. They should also make sure to use a gentle, cleansing mouthwash for gum health and refrain from smoking until the area has completely healed.

Having an attractive and healthy smile starts with your teeth but isn’t complete without harmonious gum lines that frame them beautifully. If you are unhappy with your gum line, contact our office today to learn more about how gum reshaping can help enhance your smile.

It’s Easy

Unlike other cosmetic procedures that can take months to heal, gum contouring is a minimally invasive procedure. The procedure only takes about an hour or so and does not require any stitches. However, patients may experience tenderness and soreness that can be alleviated with ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Gum reshaping is often used to make teeth look longer or to improve the appearance of an uneven smile. It can also be used to reduce the effect of a “gummy smile,” which can be embarrassing for people who want to appear more confident in social situations. Gummy smiles can be caused by an excess of gum tissue, which covers the crown of the tooth. Gum reshaping removes that tissue to give the patient a more attractive and symmetrical smile.

The procedure is referred to as gum contouring or tissue sculpting and can be performed with either a scalpel or a laser. The laser method is much faster and less invasive. The procedure can correct a number of problems including an uneven gum line and extra gum tissue that makes teeth appear smaller than they actually are.

Gum reshaping is a cosmetic procedure but it can be a medical necessity for some patients who have deteriorated gum tissue due to a serious health problem or medication (like anti-seizure drugs like phenobarbital). Consult with your dentist and dental insurance provider about the cost and coverage of this type of surgery.