What Is Artist Development?


Artist development is the process a musician goes through to develop their craft and skills to build a professional career in music. It covers vocal training, songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance and marketing.


Great songs are essential for a successful music career. However, it takes more than that to become a successful artist.


The music that an artist or band creates is the axis on which all the other aspects of the artist development wheel rotate. It is the most important part of any music career and it must be of a high enough standard to compete in whatever music niche they choose to be in.

Songwriting is a key part of this and many musicians are advised to spend time in studios with professional songwriters and producers to improve their songs and sound. This is also a good opportunity to get a sense of their musical personality and make sure it blends with the overall image that they want to project as an act.

Labels will often scout for talent that has potential to succeed and then invest in it under what is known as an artist development deal. The name of Kate Bush springs to mind, who signed an artist development deal with EMI at age 11 and spent years writing her game changing albums like Pablo Honey before breaking into the top 20.

Once an act has their music ready to be sold they need to have a system in place to sell it, and this is where Product Development comes into play. This can include ensuring that their merchandise is available at gigs, putting in place a strategy for streaming platforms and working out the best way to maximise the sales of their album.


Unless musicians have an inherent ability to connect with audiences, they’re going to need help developing their skills. Whether that’s learning vocal techniques or overcoming stage fright, it’s important 블로그관리대행 to invest in a comprehensive plan that will ensure musicians are ready to step up on stage with confidence.

While global superstars like Lady Gaga seem to appear fully formed on the world stage, they’ve all had a lot of artist development behind them. In fact, many artists sign a developmental deal at a record label early in their career as a way of getting their music heard and gaining fans while developing their talents.

The best artist development services will provide a detailed roadmap for the musician or band, guiding them through each step of the journey. This will include establishing a clear artist persona, building an audience base and creating the right relationships with industry professionals.

In addition, a good artist development service will introduce the musician to all possible revenue streams that they can realistically capitalize on. This could include streaming royalties, merchandise sales and crowdfunding. Ultimately, this is the key to turning musical talent into a successful business model.


If you’re a talented musician that wants to take their career to the next level, you need more than just vocal coaching or a few lessons with an instrument teacher. You need a team of experts with the experience and knowledge to help you grow on a larger scale, from the music industry side to marketing your brand.

This is the kind of expertise that you’ll get from professional artist development services. A quality program will include everything from a business course, to networking events and advice on how to find the right gigs. It’s about learning how to make your mark in the music industry and building a strong network of contacts that can benefit you for years.

It’s not unusual for aspiring artists to be approached by record labels looking to develop new talent. Traditionally, this has been done via a department known as Artist Development. The idea was that by investing time and money in an act, the label would have a chance to see them grow to their potential, and eventually sell records. Today, many labels have changed the name of this department to Product Development and have moved away from the idea of fostering acts and nurturing their talent.

Aside from working with a management company, singers and musicians should also consider filing for copyright protection of their songs and considering joining Performance Rights Associations like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC so that they can be paid when their songs are played on the radio or in public places.


One of the most important aspects of artist development is promoting their music. This can be done through a variety of different methods, such as social media, radio, and live events. It is important to keep up with current trends and new technology to ensure that an artist’s music is being promoted in a way that is most effective.

Using email marketing can be an extremely effective way to promote an artist. By creating a list of fans and identifying their buying behavior, artists can create targeted messages that will increase ticket sales and boost overall conversion rates. In addition, artists can use email to build their brand and promote upcoming shows.

While a record label A&R rep once found new talent in clubs, bars, and word of mouth and nurtured their creativity and developed their talents into superstars, this is now largely the responsibility of the musician themselves. Artists need a quality sound that is ready to be a commercial product, some basic music business skills and a solid fan base before they can start making money from their musical endeavors.

It is also important for an artist to develop their image and style in order to set themselves apart from the competition. They should be able to define their look and what they want to represent to the public, such as a particular genre of music. This will help them develop a unique artistic identity and build a loyal following.